Tuesday, September 12, 2017


We are taught that slavery is bad and that free(ing) men and women is the minimum good that a human being should aspire to.
A hardly arguable notion?¿…
Yet history shows that slavery-or-freedom is an unreal choice
Whereas de jure slavery or de facto slavery is the real one 
(analogy: prostitution, prohibition) 
We think our time is more civilized because unlike America a century ago or Rome two millenium ago we dont find people with chains on their legs.
Yet all of us are slaves to enormous faceless organizations
  • at its most visible armies but usually more peaceful (and faceless)…
  • corporations
  • media
  • governments
In short "slavery-or-freedom" is the ruse-question that keeps us in slavery
Chattel slaves vs Living under the Matrix is the real question

Note that this system has been in force for the last hundreds of years first with de jure slavery
Then for the last 100 years or so after abolition of slavery, decolonization of colonies like India etc, the de jure slavery has been replaced by de facto

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