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GCF Argument

The GCF 'argumentation' ie the matching between our proposal and the gcf criteria

1. Core Values

The core values of
  • the good of all humankind is unquestionable and needs to be strongly supported.
  • Likewise respect
  • Equal value for all humans while right in principle, empirically produces the opposite effect.
    Analogy: Think of the UNGA where the Fiji Islands and USA have an equal vote. And then what happens in the UNSC where push comes to shove?
Given the current huge differential value of human-life (between nations, races, income-groups etc), we suggest an objective measure equality based on level of Being and awakening of conscience. Such a measure is independent of race, nationality, colour, religion etc. It is intrinsic to an individual's be-ing, the extent to which he has crystallized objective goodness. And corresponds to his/her contribution to the planet. [see Valuation section in proposal]

2. Decision-Making Capacity

How to achieve Decision making without Delays?
The bane and terror of civilized societies…


The result of preferring mechanised systems to breathing suffering living beings
Belief in systems (ie bureaucracy) over humans result in

Gamed systems

In a sound and functioning system, deserving, capable and above all good people hold responsible posts. In a gamed system those who hoodwink the system win, ie the opposite of what is desirable comes about.
Also bureaucracy in invariably linked to…

Common Sense Deficit

Systems come into place because of deficit of common-sense Their growth and ossification destroys whatever little commonsense remains.
Our proposal suggests bringing a parallel intelligence to the existent mechanized systems with
  • the constitution of a Council of Elders
  • and a Reason-oriented hierarchy that supports the council
The choice of people participating in this hierarchy is based on
  • be-ing value, ie a combination of the ability to think, feel and act – Not just any one of these
  • awakened conscience towards other beings
  • Capacity: While a minimum of attainment in the worldly sense is of course necessary for participation in this, it is important that the individuals selected should exhibit at least an inclination to transcend their specialized areas for the good of the larger Whole
In short, the ability to make and implement timely decisions effectively is deeply wired into this model.

3. Effectiveness towards Global Challenges, Risks

The single primary factor that militates against global reach of all good things is…


viz. a system of values and governance where truth and goodness stops, (and inverts!) at imaginary arbitrary borders.
Now we need to direct our patriotic feelings towards a different border…
The problem is not with your desires. Its is because they are too narrow. Widen them to include the whole world –Nisargadatta Maharaj
It is true that inflammatory politicians are a crime and a significant cause of world problems. However the general notion of crime is also in urgent need of revision.


Crime recognizing systems fail because crime cognizing notions are flawed

Governments punish criminals (so-called) for crimes (so-called) after the fact. Who is benefitted if a murderer is murdered after he murders?
The irony is that it is possible today to pre-detect criminality in people at an unprecedented scale than ever before in human history using neuro-science methods like EEG etc.
This also makes possible to…

Differentiate gun from gunman

Say in WWII a german soldier or even general killed allied soldiers. It is unreasonable to blame them and not Hitler — the instigator.
We have film-boards classifying films as suitable for adults etc on archaic moral principles. Today it is possible by brain-scanning viewers to precisely and unequivocally detect what form, shape and level of excitement a film (or worse an advertisement) produces.
Overall the propensity to punish the gun rather than gunman manifests most glaringly in our punishing criminals (so-called) more than politicians and politicians more than incendiary media.
Media that spreads fake-news, lies etc needs to be criminalized
Even more so media that excites and inflames in ways detrimental to viewer and others


Given that we are lawfully bound to "isms", a law conformable model should accommodate this tendency. The new model is oriented towards Earthism and in its very definition, its intelligence is oriented towards the welfare of the planet as a whole. To be part of this intelligence, an individual needs to have being worth which very much depends on his being education which in turn has reverence for our planet as a necessary component.

4. Resources and Financing

Centerpiece of our suggestions is…


A hard look at money systems.
And the suggestion for a new system…


5. Trust and Insight

Primary Insight: The basic foundation of trust is

Law- fullness

Today's societies are lawless on an unprecedented scale But to see that USA (and UN) are lawless compared to Congo, one needs to rethink the idea of Law as natural laws which the human psyche is under and not the man-made rule books which are always a question of argument and quarrel. ie

Law from first principles

6. Flexibility

  • Mechanisms can never respond
  • they can /function/…
  • At most… usually not even that
  • If we wish for…

Responsiveness to the fresh NEW Present

rather than memory-oriented reactions to a stale dead past, we need an interior


rather than currently fashionable outer object-oriented. Responses come from an inner stability of purpose rather than from random outer currents.

Value system

that results in lawful responses.

7. Protection against Abuse of Power


  • Has come to mean the optimizing gamer reaches the top
  • Equal possibility morphed into equal rights
  • Towards uniformity of measurement
A new Currency replaces the Power of Money by the Level Of Being

8. Accountability

A universal failure today because of…

Circular Accountability

Usually called u-scratch-my-back-i-scratch-urs (quid-pro-quo)

Real Accountability

existed in olden (mythological?) times when universally acknowledged 'great beings' (eg Solomon1, Ram2, Umar3, Cyrus4) were
  • Accountable to God
  • Today needs to be accountable to planet [Even the current pope understands this]
It is a great help that every level of Be-ing is overseen by a level higher, in that Be-ings get an opportunity to grow by emulating those above them. Be-ing currency has to be proportion to one's being. So unconscionable acts result in loss of being worth, pushing down a person's level of being. This is a dynamic constant process of evaluation unlike power, which once acquired forever held,no matter how unbecoming one's acts. Therefore, accountability is a continuous process.

9. Conclusion

We are thankful to GCF for making this venture and giving us the excuse to express our many years of study, research and reflections.
As for the prize… May the earth win!!
This submission is also up on our 5 under the label 6 where we intend to keep working on cleaning up our contribution.
  1. Abstract7
  2. Model8
  3. Argument9
  4. References10
  5. Other Links11

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