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GCF Model

1 Outline of doc

GCF has given the assessment criteria. The matching of our suggestions to these is at end of document. Below is our proposal first in our own words and order and later at end the mapping to the given assessment criteria.
[Reposting of main model submitted to GCF]

2 Introduction

2.1 Love

  • All beings love themselves… at a level that can only be called infinite
  • And the so-called 'sacrifices' that we see made — eg mothers for children, etc — are always because the sacrificer sees/feels herself in the other
And so if people can do so much for each other at the tiny microscopic level why the hate and havoc in the world?

2.2 Evil? or Error?

  • ▣ Nobody by himself wants to kill other people. This is not a natural/instinctive need.
  • ▣ This unnatural need is induced by the belief that the other guy is evil…. Eliminating him is the best thing
  • ▣ If we can induce this in a million people, we have formula to make war
  • ▶ Changing the education of children to unbelieve in objective evil and instead believe in the subjective conditions of error: confusion, misapprehension, ignorance etc is an important requisite for stopping war

2.3 Secular Spiritual separation is luxury we cant afford

As we have seen in the abstract, a secular society today has come to mean that values arising from genuine human feeling have been lost.
We note that:
  • Every one of us is a spiritual being
  • All have a sense of goodness. »Good« → »God« is cognate in not just English. Even in Sanskrit, »Shaiva« → »Shiva« have the same relation.
    The universality of this relation implies:
    ◉ The metric of spirituality is goodness
    ◉ The foundation of goodness is spirituality
  • At the same time, we all have, in our life-process, material, economic, political action — the secular domain.
This secular-spiritual schizophrenia is the repeating note in each one of us and is the cry of our lives… and our planet. All the challenges like war, climate change etc etc, that GCF seeks to address is the 7 billionfold outpouring of our individual schizophrenia That we are stuck between physical and metaphysical 1

On a healthy planet,spiritual values inform secular actions and spiralling in this way, Being-value is created. For each and for the whole.

In our planet's unhealthy current state, these two worlds have been divorced and human values have fallen between these two stools. An attempt at healing our world therefore needs to start with healing our fragmented individual psyches.

This document explores the human condition in the light of the above: Seeing the mutuality between laws(natural), values and our being would (we believe!) reinstate us as the rightful trustees of our planet.

And from this exploration of the individual condition, maps it to the public/social/political, ie generalized human existence on this planet

3 Laws

3.1 Notation

  • ▶ — Theorem, Result
  • ◉ — Definition, a priori (math/logic) necessary truth
  • ▣ — a posteriori, contingent fact
  • ✔ — Point, Example, Explanation
  • ¿? — A question, mystery
  • 😇 — Our personal subjective take
  • ⇒ — implies
  • ⇐ — follows from
  • ∴ — Therefore
  • ≜ — … is defined as…

3.2 Meta Laws

The word 'Law' has at least three independent meanings: Natural law, man-made law and mathematical/logical law
  • ◉ Natural laws are universally obeyed. They deal with What IS — Fact. eg gravity
  • ◉ Math/Logic laws are applied. They deal with what CAN — Necessity. eg "4 apples can be assembled by putting 2 and 2 together (2+2=4)"
  • ◉ Man-made laws are artificially enforced. They deal with what ought — Arise from Belief.
It will be seen in the following that much of today's disorder can be traced to not understanding the law-category in discussions

3.2.1 Man-made-laws Vs Natural Laws

Iran has repeatedly affirmed that the universal declaration of human rights (UDHR2) cannot apply under Islam law, because the UDHR is not universal. It is a secular rendition of Judaeo Christian values. It further affirms the Quran as the final authority. If we could not get lost in the apparent quarrels between religions but come to the deeper perception of the gap between man-made and God-made laws… and from there slide Iran a little further East, and evaluate the basic statement of Iran under the terms of the basic equation of Hinduism – God is Truth/ Reality (Satyam). We can then completely elide the reference of God from here and get that the quarrel is between choosing between man-made and Natural laws.
We insist on hearing Iran's objection as Islamics against the Judaeo-Christian tradition.
Maybe its better heard as against the secularization of the sacred?
Or more pointedly

3.3 Natural against artificial law?

It is fashionable today to denigrate traditional systems of laws eg Sharia (Islam) Talmud (Judaism) Manu Smriti (Hinduism).
While it is obvious that these systems have reprehensible aspects, we miss that they strive to derive human-law from natural-law (in those times called scripture). eg
  • Talmud from Torah
  • Sharia from Koran
  • Manu Smriti from Vedas/Gita
In the justifiable attempt to reject the reprehensible aspects we have lost the ineluctability of natural law.
  • ◉ Natural law is universal
  • ▣ Secular law is completely random and arbitrary to someone from outside the culture

3.4 Gödel

Gödel's theorem:
▣ Any non-trivial system cannot both be consistent and complete
?¿ Is it not possible that superambitious bodies like UN can be failing due to this fundamental (rather than some contingent) limit??

3.5 Fusion xOr Fission

  • ▣ Human beings cannot exist without a cause
  • ▣ Fusion : If the cause is common in the group there will be peace and unity in the group
  • ▣ Fission : If the default (religious etc) cause drops, we exist only for self ⇒ war and schisms result
    There is no third alternative : The 'Or' is an eXclusive Or : There is no 3rd alternative [AE quote]
  • ▶ Secularism/Liberalism : Removal of binding glue or foundation is the primary cause of today's public disorders and disturbances
  • ▣ Einstein’s law: No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it
  • ▣ Ravi’s Law: That which sees must be at a higher level than that which is seen
  • ▣ Gurdjieff’s Law: The physical environment changes by the degree of crystallization of be-ing
  • ▣ Ramana’s law: Your own Self-Realization is the greatest service you can render the world
  • ▣ Jeanne de Salzmann’s Law: If some men do not work (spiritually) the earth will fall down

3.6 Philosophy

3.6.1 The negative emotion called Fear

  • No Positive relation can be based on fear
  • Violent hateful manifestations typically rest on hidden fears
  • ie Hate is visible form of invisible fears (US/N. Korea threatening each other or alt-right white marches… its the same : fear that someone will knock us out)
  • Fears come from unexamined identification — the deepest of which is the identification with the body manifesting as fear of death
  • Hate is never the primary; Fear more likely is
    Consider Charlottesville And just hear the rhetoric : racist, supremacist, fascist, Nazi
    If we but hear it dispassionately its clear the polemic/invective is at the cost of realism: fascism, Nazism existed in Italy, Germany. Both ended in the 1940s. Does someone who sympathizes with these world-views really become a member of those parties? Seriously??
    And what getting carried away with this leftist invective does is it numbs us to the more important question. Fascism, Nazism died in the 40s in Europe. Sympathisers with these are existing and burgeoning today. Whether its US or India or UK, what is at the bottom of these ultra right-wing hate-groups?? eg in US the white supremacists (so-called) feel they are being marginalized. In India the majority Hindus feel that Muslims are taking over the country
    In one word :: Fear
    In other words bottom of hate is fear And what is at the cause this right-wing fear?
    Left-Wing Lies!
  • Socrates did not just enunciate: “ The unexamined life is not worth living
    He asserted this in his trial preceding death sentence
    He asserted that Examination of life was more dear to him than life itself
  • ▣ Philosophy ≜ To Love wisdom more than life itself
  • 😇 Socrates can save the planet

3.7 War… With??

3.7.1 Human beings must war

How can human beings be ever NOT at war? Is it feasible? Even conceivable?

Lets ask a seemingly different question: Can human beings ever be sexless?
If it were why would would the Hollywood standard formula of guns+boobs always so guaranteedly sell?
▣ Human beings by nature must be at war (boss, mother-in-law)
The trick is to understand that while war is deeply ingrained in us the sphere of war is a choice
Enter the Bhagavad Gita which uses the allegory of a mythical great war to couch a real great teaching.
  • ▣ War is necessary and unavoidable
  • ▣ The sphere of battle is a choice
  • ▣ Gita's statement "Therefore fight!" is not an imperative
    Rather its a declarative: “You are going to fight anyhow!
  • ▶ The choice is to choose the positive ones: Spiritual battle (jihad in Koran, dharma-yuddha in Gita, etc) can save the planet
The factors for the cause of war are expanded in more detail in Laws-of-War3

3.8 Common Sense vs Sage Sense

Common sense tells me that…
  • I cannot stop Syria-war or Rohingya-genocide
  • I cannot stop Irma super storm
  • diarrhoea
  • death
  • mother-in-law
Sage sense starts with the axiom:
  • ▣ The world is not external; rather it is my reflection
  • ▶ Therefore if the world is in disorder ⇒ I am in disorder
  • ▶ The world’s disorders can be corrected ⇐ me correcting mine
All my disorders such as anger, fear, depression, hate, uncontrolled lust/greed are all corollary to One Primary Disorder

3.8.1 Wandering thoughts

The primary cause of unhappiness is never the situation but your thoughts about it
Eckhart Tolle
Therefore controlling thoughts — traditionally called meditation — is the principal way of saving the planet
However possibility is not open to me if I allow my common sense view — world is outside me — to supercede the sage’s outlook — the world is my projection
So should common sense be jettisoned??
  • Use sage-sense to understand the world by understanding ourselves
  • Use common-sense to remap what I’ve found of myself to what is true of others as well
More at 4

3.9 Law and Grace

See post5 which links conscience-karma with west-east outlooks

3.10 Law of Suggestibility

3.10.1 Suggestability xOr Faith

Faith is confidence, not belief; for example the way a lion walks through the woods
A. R. Orage
  • ▣ Anything can be suggested (suggestibilitized?) — also called propaganda or advertising
  • ▣ All wars are based on demagogues and leaders (so-called) insidiously suggesting some 'others' as good for killing
  • 😇 Just as wars can be suggested into existence, peace can also be suggested into existence
Negative reciprocation, escalation of small things and ultimately wars get lengthened and perpetuated by the other-ing above
If we want an antidote we need to understand the…

3.10.2 Three grades of otherness

  • ▣ 1. Hell is other people — Jean Paul Sartre
  • ▣ 2. For the other you are the other — Jeanne de Salzmann
  • ▣ 3. There are no others — Ramana
And strive to move from 1 through 2 to the goal of 3. More on 'otherism'6

3.11 Laws degrade into Systems

G.I. Gurdjieff defined the term ‘hasnamus’ as:
Hasnamus Individual ≜ Conscious, conscience-less individual with super-criminal propensities
  • ▣ Hasnamuses exist
  • ▣ Modernity ≡ Belief in System Solutions
  • ▶ 1+2 ⇒ Hasnamuses reach high places by gaming the system
Note: Evident hasnamus and real hasnamus are are almost certainly different

3.12 Truth at the mercy of Time

We must rise or we must fall
Love can know no middle way
If the Great Life do not Call
There is sadness and decay.
Poet "AE7"
Our world today is overwhelmingly based on lies. And lies don't happen because people intend to be dishonest but because like food
  • ▣ food simply by time, becomes stale enough to become inedible ie not food
  • ▣ Truth likewise can become false
And a cardinal example of truth becoming falsehood with the passage of time is use-becoming-mention (see Use-mention8)

3.12.1 Use degrades into mention

3.12.2 Explanation of Use-Mention distinction

  • Cat is a mammal
  • Mammal is a six-letter word
  • So cat is a six-letter word
Over years and centuries of usage a word gets so hardened that if often carries the opposite meaning of its original use-age until it becomes an ossified mention.

3.12.3 Egs

From broad-minded to narrow minded
From peace to war
From free-ing to enslaved
from good NEWS to unquestionable truth
From the original intent for widening out of parochialism9 to restricting to borders (Trump)
Ultimately every Ism = Abstraction

3.13 Innumeracy

◉ Innumeracy ≜ inability to understand and feel numbers
(Analogue: illiteracy)
Unfortunately most people who have studied the ‘3 r’s’ — reading, (w)riting, 'rithmetic — think they are numerate.
How big is a million? A billion?

3.13.1 Experiment

Say I count 1,2,3,4,5,6… stopping at each number for 1 second
When will I reach a million? A billion?
Answer 1 million in roughly 11 days 1 billion 31 years
Sure we can work it out but do we feel it as instinctively as a group of 10 friends, a 100 cars in a parking-lot, a 1000 people in a stadium??
Now think what this means in Iraq: The 2 million Iraqis that have been killed in the US/NATO led war Just reading out their names would take 22 days.

3.13.2 Linearity

If one apple costs $1, 10 will cost $10: A minor mathematical technicality
Alternatives to linearity are super-linear (10 apples cost more than $10) , sub-linear
(10 apples cost less than $10)

3.13.3 Monotonicity

While linearity and its deviations are a technical mathematical nicety, monotonicity is a fundamental requirement of a reasonable world:
If one apple costs 1 dollar, 10 cannot cost less than 1 dollar.
As we show below value for human life is anti-monotonic

3.13.4 Earth

Like million, the earth is too large to know but possible to feel 10

3.14 Private Public Relation

  • ▣ Purpose of life is self-actualization [Maslow Top-most]
  • ▣ Being-value of Self Actualization follows from harmonious vivifyingness of our diverse brain-centers11
  • ▣ Ideal Governance ≜ Lawful scaling of individual self-actualization to the group
  • ▶ Democracy fails because of assumption of linearity in scaling
    Almost never the case
  • Non-linear scaling Ok and can be lawful

3.15 Whereas non-monotonic scaling is unlawful and nonsensical and criminal

Some examples
It is forbidden to kill; therefore all murderers are punished unless they kill in large numbers and to the sound of trumpets.
The death of one man is a tragedy; the death of millions is a statistic.
Deconstructing these:
War anti-monotonicises the value of human life
If one beats a person
  • first he will resist
  • then he will pass out
  • Finally die.
Stalin's hasnamussian genius figured out how to do this to the world's largest nation!
Stalin can get away with these millions of murders because as a world we are innumerate
[Question: Innumeracy and 1 jew = million negroes relation??]

4 Values

4.1 Money is a misguided spiritual force

Money is a central central element of our lives. Everything revolves around it. All notions of power, prosperity, abundance…somehow end in the quantity of money possessed. In the old days people bartered goods, so there was no real metric of comparing people. Society was complete by the fact that people brought a variety of things that constituted the general needs and they were valuated by the uniqueness of their contributions.
The valuation system of today is linear. Every human is reduced to currency and his might/worth is measured in the quantity of this currency. This has swallowed up the possibility of measuring uniqueness of people and what is worse it allows/encourages prosperity to me with detriment to others.
In the ideal, a desired system of valuation should be win-win — everyone gains, no-one loses — utopia!
In the least, a desired system of money should not be a lose-lose all parties transacting lose, and some unconnected thugs win
In the attempt at enforcing the principle of conservation — someone has more means someone else has less — we have today reached lose-lose:
Transacting parties (ordinary people) lose to national and international gangsters, usually called governments, banks etc
If money as a foundation for our collective life has failed, what is the alternative?
We need to go back to first principles and ask the question: Q: Why do we have money? A: As a measure of value
So quantifying value is the intent; money is just the intended bu failing means.
More about money practical and ideal at12

4.2 Objective Valuation of Beings

The best people possess a feeling for beauty, the courage to take risks, the discipline to tell the truth, the capacity for sacrifice.
Yet their virtues make them vulnerable: they are often wounded, sometimes destroyed.
Ernest Hemingway
Creatures in the world have value. A pound of beef has a value that is related in an obvious way to the value of a cow.
Roughly the value system that is reasonably objective runs thus (‘>’ means ‘more than’):
dog > cow > goat > rat > mosquito > bacteria
Yes there may be some variation across cultures, eg Hindus would value cow over dog. However putting aside these minor differences one can see that human beings more or less on the differential value of other creatures
Now can we add ourselves to this order?
Or is the suggestion too preposterous?
The human- being is a being whereas cow/goat/dog are creatures
And if we insist on adding ourselves to the order, we must add put ourselves at the head:
human > dog > cow > goat > rat > mosquito > bacteria
To suggest anything else would be monstrous would it not?
So then the next question comes: “Do human beings have differential value?”
Much of the rhetoric for/against racism/nationalism etc comes from the differences we (wish/believe) here.
Can we put aside our preconceptions and objectively evaluate whether in the world today, there factually exists a Differential value of human Beings?
[Note this value system is not primarily subjective: A cow is worth more than a chicken by kilograms]

4.2.1 Differential value of Human Beings?

It was mid-90s. 3 wars were concurrently running — Rwanda, Bosnia, and as always the eternal Israel-Palestine
The difference was that casualties
  • in Rwanda — in millions
  • in Bosnia (ex-Yugoslavia) — in thousands
  • in Israel — in hundreds if one looked at Palestinians, and in units if one looked at Israelis
And the coverage was roughly equal.
[Note This was not in western but INDIAN NEWSPAPERS]
Do you think therefore its reasonable to conclude that the value of human life is correspondingly inversely proportional??
1 Israeli = 10 Americans = 100 Europeans = 1000 Palestinians = 10,000 Asians = a million Africans ??
@Just as a reminder: 6 million Jews died in the holocaust; 2 million peasants died in the Bengal famine at around the same time. Sir Winston Churchill 13 the latter as acceptable collateral damage to pay for the former.
Or worse:
Churchill believed that Indians were the next worst people in the world after the Germans. Their treachery had been plain in the Quit India movement. The Germans he was prepared to bomb into the ground. The Indians he would starve to death as a result of their own folly and viciousness 14
Leave aside westerners, how many Indians are willing to put Churchill and Hitler in a similar bracket?
Let me close this section with the words of the great rishi Nisargadatta Maharaj:
If you respect yourself others will respect you; if not they will cremate you
Some recent evidences of differential value of human beings 15 , 16 , 17

4.3 Orphaned Good

Can we measure a value of a human-being on a sense of good? In old days good was defined by scriptures etc (maybe parents/elders…) Today good has fallen between secular and sacred:
  • secular has no claim on good
  • sacred's claims are rejected narrow/parochial/medieval
  • So no established standard metric for good!

4.4 Valuation of Beings

What can be a notion of value? The degree to which an individual fulfils a function in relation to a common intention or purpose
For the sense of value to be objective, the purpose needs to be equally objective towards something aggregate – community, ecosystem, planet?
So, if people are aligned with this aggregate, their value is higher … the more they deviate from it the negative their value

4.5 A purpose related to the whole

Valuation of beings depends on their common purpose.
How can valuation off systems of humans accommodate the Welfare of our planet unless, it is based on a purpose that includes the whole planet?
If some people do not work, the earth will fall down –Jeanne de Salzmann
We all need to work to continue the life of our planet. Only if our planet continues, can we continue.
People do not plunder the earth intentionally- they are unconscious of it. We need to appreciate that any region of the earth is the earth and so if we use-up-resources of any one region, we are in fact plundering the whole planet!
No one is raping the planet, (s)he is only increasing value of something in some notion of valuation. Valuation is the problem, it does not include the Planet. For example, reckless pumping of fumes on the roads may be considered necessary for "improving quality of life". True. But this is improvement of the life of some individuals, a narrow purpose. This is not in itself bad. What makes this purpose unacceptable is that it is contrary to the purpose of sustaining life of our planet.
What can be a purpose that includes the whole of our planet? Preserving the terra firma, vegetation, other creatures and this includes other human beings… measured by peace, harmony, collective growth, collaborative existence…
Everything objective must have a subjective value component. What kind of subjective human values lead to objective good?

4.6 Towards Objective Being value

Faith, Hope and Love are the growing ends of essence.
Faith is confidence, not belief; for example the way a lion walks through the woods.
Hope is effort, not wish; an effort to make it so and not a wish that it may be so.
Of love the first form is of self and of self in others; the second form is love of others and of self in them; the third form is love of duty or God and the other forms are by-products of it; that is, it is love of that for which the individual exists.
A being is defined in value according to the degree to which faith, hope and love have become objective in him.
– A.R Orage
We need to go back to cultural values that have been part of our civilization for generations before us and revive them.

4.7 An algebra of being-values

We need operators to change valuation (error/sin) of human being worth
  • transfer
  • generate
  • validate
  • crystallize
Towards this, we will have to concretize and measure being-value.

4.8 Being-Coin block chain

We suggest the use of a new parallel currency called Being-coin that measures the Being of an individual. Its implementation can be quite similar to bitcoins ie it may use block chain technology that makes it fraud proof.

4.8.1 Metrics for measuring being-currency

  • Each action of using Reason towards Goodness increases being-coins
    • ◉ It is good to be good
    • ◉ It is better to be better
    • ▶ When you use Reason to go from where you are to better, the world becomes better
    • ▶ Reason towards goodness is more good than goodness
    In our preferred language
    • Goodness is perhaps an inherited worth
    • Reason towards goodness is a self-earned increase of being-coins
  • Reasoning away from badness never works — Gödelian problem We need to reason-towards-goodness
  • Multi dimensional worth 18
  • 3-centred worth Being able to contribute ideas, wish and action towards goodness triples its force and therefore is worth being-coins for each separate dimension. In fact the real measure of be-ing value is when all these three dimensions are active in a being and working integrally.

4.9 Transacting Being Coin currency

4.9.1 Parallel currency

Being-Coin is a different dimension from bitcoin or normal currency. To start with, it is not a measure of buying power but being value and therefore its use, focus, mode of transacting are independent.

4.9.2 Who can hand out being coins? People with Being

If anyone can hand out be-ing currency, the system can be gamed very quickly and this currency will lose meaning quite like the usual money. So, we need to ensure soundness in the handing out of being-currency. Therefore only people with being ie those possessing being coins can hand being coins to others. They can do this from a common pool of coins, accessible in different levels corresponding to their level of being. Also, they can hand over no more coins than they possess.

4.9.3 Boot-strapping Being coin usage

So how do we boot strap this process? We suggest to have a council of elders — a few meritorious beings who would agree to remain outside the system. In an ideal world, this measure would be objective like current currency. Of course, this is still far away, but that is the aim. Eventually, we could have levels of elders.

4.9.4 Conservation laws

Conservation laws need to be held in the exchange of currency. Hence the coin pool which can only be filled by these elders. Eventually, we may have levels of elders.

4.9.5 What is Be-ing currency to be used for?

Being Coin is not a replacement for money. So eg, I cannot buy bread with being-coins. So what can I do with it?
  1. Responsible positions
    In order to attain a responsible position, be it in Defence, International bodies that govern peace and harmony or even academia, one's usual attributes - degrees, previous work done etc should not be enough. Their Being-worth measured in being-coins should play an important part since it is a measure of their ableness to hold responsibility.

4.10 People who direct our lives and hence the life of our planet should have objective being-worth measured in being coins.

5 Lies

Our modern world is founded on lies at various levels. These are elaborated in 19

6 Secularism Democracy and Religion

Of all the lies, the fundamental one which nullifies human values is secularism. Expanded more here 20, 21. Also slavery22, and freedom23

7 Language Mythology and Religion

The twentieth century has been called the century of ‘fact.' And its over! What shall the new millenium emphasize?
An exclusive fact-oriented outlook suggests that facts are true; myths are false Seems obvious enough and quite harmless until we realize that it contains a third (implied) fact: I know the truth And two following conclusions: Those who disgree are wrong And should be killed.
Mythology-orientation in place of fact-orientation OTOH, allows for a softer more inclusive world — Our two mythologies can be inconsistent but yet coexist
Mythology ≜ Framework for intentional association
Whorf Lakoff has spent much efforts on shoing how metaphors and other tropes are used to systematize political lies. Also Korzybski (General Semantics). Expanded at 24

8 Why has UN failed

Expanded at here25 and here26

9 Wish

  • How would we wish this document to be read. What would be our prize and fulfilment: If the world unites and prospers it is enough. Not relevant how/where our thoughts/words used/acked
  • Not a question of our glory but of our survival
  • @@Some eg needed of working at wrong scale
  • Organization? No! Organism! [Gaia]
  • Non originality These ideas have been around and followed for thousands of years…

10 Proposals

10.1 A Parallel thread

The making of Our-One-World cannot happen by first taking a Nation-based view which is already divisive and then trying to unite it. Failure of bodies like the UN have demonstrated this. We have to uncover the dimension of one-ness which already exists. Our central idea is to populate the world with a new intelligence based on the above understanding of the science of our mutuality in existence on this planet. To begin with, we need to grow this intelligence till it acquires a force to change the governance of our world. Until then, it is to be cultivated as a parallel thread running alongside the mesh of Nations, Governments and protocols.

10.2 Currency and Thing Value

In times past people fought over food, territory, religion. For at least the last hundred years, the principal correlate of war is who controls the money [As we all know Saddam Hussain and Gaddafi were summarily executed because they *stopped trading in dollar*]
Hence Fiat Currency needs to be phased out

10.3 Being Value

See items in valuation
Patriotism is invariably the pre-cursor to war, ethnic cleansing, etc Therefore teaching of patriotism to the young to be recognized as criminal incitement

10.4 Council of Elders

We use the term Elder, not just as a mark of age but as a measure of a level of be-ing. The defining traits of elders are:
  • Love for this planet and conscience with respect to its beings
  • Impartiality of view based on the right valuation of things and people
  • The ability to Reason
To begin with, as part of a bootstrap, we need to have a Council of Elders, handpicked by a sense of their level of being. Some names come to our mind: The pope Francis, Dalai Lama, Noam Chomsky?, Mr Szombatfalvy we need to identify them…
They would then sit at the top of a hierarchy, quite like the UN has a council but the criteria for their choice is what is different. They would be responsible for building the intelligence beneath them,They would also be responsible for taking major decisions that cannot be taken at levels below, which they would always have the power to override. Expanded here27

10.5 Being oriented Education

Education system to be revamped to return to ashram/monastery/artist-guild systems wherein being-value is expected transmitted and valued. To begin with, these can function in parallel, quite like music schools or places of spiritual practice. Be-ing growth which includes and overall understanding of laws of collective existence, needs to be an essential part of any education be it technical, economics or politics.
Education would be as much around
  • personal discipline
  • understanding and eagerness to uncover universal laws
  • conscience towards all humans, compassion towards other life forms, reverence for the planet

10.6 Social Media

  • Attention: Social media have a miraculous power on people's attention and attention span.
  • Social media has cut across all old groupings of language nationality race etc
  • Trump won by exploiting twitter We need to ride on this current.
  • In a way, social media is killing us. Therefore it carries the potency to save us. We need to seed new discussion groups around these ideas, mobilizing the energy towards such an world unifying intelligence.

10.7 Concurrent with current UN

You do not become good by trying to be good, but by finding the goodness that is already within you, and allowing that goodness to emerge.
But it can only emerge if something fundamental changes in your state of consciousness
Eckhart Tolle
You never change things by fighting the existing reality.
To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.
R Buckminster Fuller
UN and all such attempts like League of nations cannot work because one cannot work against something but towards something.
Our proposal is in a parallel dimension to the UN and not towards stopping wars but towards uncovering the pre-existing harmony by the ineluctable process of Reason.

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