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1.1 Solves the problem

Also called
  • Separating Church and State
  • Emancipation
  • DoubleSpeak Shariah vs Israel

1.2 Secularism — Sequence

  • Saeculum — world — is reality
  • Saeculum is The reality
  • secular = real
  • sacred = unreal
  • profane is fine (norm)

1.3 Foundation of Secularism is a lie

  • Lets stay within in the western 'classical' musical tradition
  • Wherein J.S Bach is universally regarded as the greatest musician
  • And Bach said "The aim and final end of all music should be none other than the glory of God and the refreshment of the soul"
  • Are the music schools teaching Bach in 'secular' universities doing justice to Bach??
  • And if this question look academic
  • Lets imagine Bach were alive today and his writings were under his copyright
  • Would he
    • Have allowed his music to be 'open-sourced'?
    • Would he have insisted on royalty-payments?
    • Or would he have insisted that it be used to properly religious (Christian?) ends?
  • Such questions by their nature have no definite answer…
  • Nevertheless they open the issue that secular usage of sacred material is dishonest

1.4 Seculars are religious fanatics

1.5 Anti-semitism

  • Anyone who opposes Israel's genocidal activities is:
  • anti-Israel(sure) → anti-zionist(um whats that?) → anti-semitic → holocaust-denier → Nazi
  • Jew Deaths by Hitler's Nazism – 6 million
  • Peasant deaths by communism – 100 million
  • Yet we are not allowed to use the word 'Holocaust' for anything other than jew-deaths

1.6 Age of Enlightenment

  • The Church $%* were given a royal kick
  • And everyone miraculously got instant enlightenment
  • After which…

1.7 Canard of caste

In Manusmriti
  • varna ≠ jati
  • In fact MS sets out to make varna a bulwark against jati

1.8 Ideal (Lie) of Liberal Democracy

Today we know from history that the belief (religion) of communism was killed millions of people in the 20th century – Bolshevik revolution, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot
Thus the attempt to live without God made idols of politics and produced the century's 'gangster statesmen' – Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot – whose 'unappeasable appetite for controlling mankind' unleashed unimaginable horrors. Allen Hertzke
And yet we are so sure that the 'idol' of democracy/liberalism is better??
Climate-change may bring about terrors on a scale that would make the 100 million deaths of communism look like chicken-feed – terracide. And its principal driver is the market-economy god of liberal-democracy
How long will we worship at the feet and horns of this mephistopheles?
  • Plato Thoreau gpa
  • Well ordered govt
  • Conduces to peace
  • French revolution
  • Produced liberty, fraternity, equality

1.8.1 America is founded on democratic principles

1.8.2 Democracy = Corporatism

1.8.3 Democratic party (US) supports freedom

1.8.4 Liberal = Illiberal

How with passage of time 'liberal' has come to mean its exact opposite “Liberal” = Illiberal

1.8.6 Danger of common-nouning hitler Modi=Hitler because of Sunday [Summary]
  • Hitler was evil
  • Hitler was (or not) a Christian
  • So Christians (or atheists) are evil
To see the ridiculousness of the argument:
  • A killed X
  • A had 6 toes
  • So all 6-toed are murderers
  • B killed Y
  • B had only 4 toes
  • So all amputatees are murde

1.8.7 Liberalism

Law of 7: From Liberation to politically correct lies

1.9 Education = education

1.10 Patriar-table

Nazism Nationalism Patriotism Patriarchy Patriarchality Hierarchy Order (Rtam) Religiousness

1.11 Eurocentricism

Prof. Rajani Kanth has said many of the same things as we are saying in his 45 Theses

1.11.1 Law of tilt

  • Feminism, Racism, Sexism, Patriotism etc are all tilts
  • Self (Atma) is the base of all tilts
  • Bhagavan quote

1.12 Feminism/Sexism

Feminism = women's good\
Consider abortion… and its opposite stands in US and India
Murder is OK if there's no eye contact
Its progress to pee/shee into one's drinking water
Anti-feminists are wishing everyone to wear burqas

1.13 Patriotism

Its valorous to kill someone unknown only on account of the goons who stamp their passport Its glorious to kill such in thousands

1.14 Demogoguery

  • Bullet kills one
  • Bomb kills ten
  • Lies kill million
Are human beings utterly dumb? Or inherently malevolent ? Seems implausible… Yet lies kill more than anything else…
Demogoguery Difference between demagogue and murderer When a man murders, he becomes a criminal. When a demagogue murders in millions he becomes an hero

1.15 Relativism

  • There is no absolute right and wrong…
  • So one man's terrorist is another's freedom fighter
  • And so…
  • The killing proceeds apace
  • Alternative: Ten commandments: Thou shalt not kill
  • No ifs and buts

1.16 Translatability

All languages are equal Therefore English is best Colonialism!

1.17 Hoist them up Crash them down

  • Facebook Conversation showing Muhammad supported FGM because he did not proscribe it.
  • Ram ate meat : So he encouraged non-veg-ism
  • Ab Lincoln was racist towards natives : So he was racist

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