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UN is and must be a failure

Today 6th August, Hiroshima day, is a good day to reflect on the UN, and the yawning gap between its lofty intentions and its actual achievements.


The UN was created in 1945 in the closing of WWII.
In its creation it put together on equal footing countries (so-called) such as:

  • Maldives 300 sq-km
  • Russia 17,000,000 sq-km
  • Tuvalu < 10,000
  • China, India both > 1,300,000,000 (ie > a billion)
  • India, Egypt, China, Greece whose history goes back many millennia
  • USA — a few hundred years old
  • Pakistan, Iraq and many others that had just been cobbled together a couple of decades previously
Aggression Forces (usually euphemized as defence)
  • Costa Rica, Iceland : No armies
  • Antigua, Barbuda population of 100,000, has an army of 170 (ie 0.1% of population)
  • China 1,250,000 troops (ie 10% population)
Murder Expenditure (also called defence budget)
  • US > $600 billion pa
  • Global expenditure about $1500 billion
  • ie US spends between ⅓ and ½ as the whole world
And the UN effectively ratified and made equal these unimaginably disparate entities such as the above by putting them on the General Assembly (UNGA) on equal footing!!! 
And so if the UNGA is the formalization of bullshit, the 


is the systematization of murder.  It was formed thus:
The worst war that humans had ever experienced had just terminated. The victors wanted to perpetuate their invincibility… purportedly over the losers but actually over the remaining 90% of the world. The UNSC is a systematization of this intention…

Most of the other UN organizations are structured as subservient to the one (UNGA) or the other (UNSC) of the above, in effect they peddle bullshit or murder. UNESCO, UNHCR etc come in second category. World bank, IMF are in the first [And if someone wants to claim that WB/IMF are actually all-powerful even over and above the UNSC, I wont dispute this]
International Court is a bit odd in not fitting in either category: [Maybe a third category called toothless¿?]
The grandiose house of cards of "equality of all nations" in the community of the human race has at the root one 300-year-old lie:
Forced Equality of Individual Humans
This lie, the blue-eyed baby of the arch-criminals of the French Revolution, has over the progress of 'modernity' and 'enlightenment' overthrown the millennial truth promulgated by Jesus Christ (and all other such sacred individuals):
Natural Love between Humans


UN Context

Some juxtapositions to help us see the nonsense that we indoctrinate ourselves with
Concomitant with the creation of UN, was the creation of
  1. India-Pakistan
  2. Germany East and West
  3. Korea North and South
  4. Israel

Rejoicing at Fall of Berlin WallIndia-Pakistan border visible from outer space

Germany's division
was as baseless as India's [India has more muslims than Pakistan!] Of these two divisions one of them ended in less than 50 years.
The other division…
has hardened to such an extent that its visible from outer space!
30% of N Korea' population (9 million people) were killed in US bombing in the 50s.
And now we are supposed to side with a pussy-grabber who wants to continue the delightful process. And perhaps take even more delight if the whole world ends as a result of his delights??

And if not, we are siding with a 'rogue-nation'. Sure the appellation is correct… just the question: Which is the rogue nation?
… culminates in fractal form the 2-century glory of colonialism that the UN-SC bandits first practised and perfected on India
May it be that the UN is set up precisely to orchestrate¿?¿?

To Preside over these divisions

  • to ensure that Israel can enslave oppress and genocide the Palestinians and that the whole world will continue to call the Palestinians as terrorists
  • to ensure that India-Pakistan, N-S Korea and all other such non-western countries stay bleeding fighting each other?
  • And as soon as Russia's clout is reduced to reunite Germany
The above are specific reasons why UN is a failure.  Also necessary to consider

Generic Factors 

why all UN-like attempts eg League of Nations must inevitably fail
  • Good government happens at local level
  • Bad government happens at national level
  • Sheer nonsense happens at international level
▣ Scaling up is bad for governance
Why not reverse the rheostat? Go small? Smaller than local government?
The smallest collective unit: Families?
Unfortunately this is a time-scale problem [Todo]
Assuming that the UN can change the world is like assuming the facade of a building can hold up the building


John and Susan Smith live with their two children in the suburbs of New York. This configuration:
[Using the set-theory subset symbol ‘⊂’ to depict ‘…is a part of’]
John,Susan ⊂ family ⊂ community ⊂ state ⊂ nation ⊂ world
has a macro and a micro description.
Concentric Venn diagram
UN and all such earlier attempts (eg League of Nations) cannot but fail because they concentrate exclusively on the tree-trunk/outermost set completely neglecting the inner containers Consider:
  • John is an alcoholic/Susan has an abusive childhood background
  • The inner city that they are living in is falling apart
  • The increasing sexism of their surrounding context makes it difficult for Susan to continue working
  • Leading to the family getting radicalized into die-hard Trump supporters aka legalized Racism
  • leading…
  • leading Trump… Muslims
  • Further destabilization of middle-east
UN and such attempts assume that only the last steps of this degenerative process is ‘our business’, in effect neglecting the causative link
A UN that wishes to be successful must be a UN that sets out to correct this misguidedly narrow focus


Current UN
only skin of earth
Our One World
Whole Earth without any exclusions


Isnt this wildly ambitious? ie When the current UN is too bulky to (re)direct how will/can a much larger one work?

UN is an grand success

  • UN's stated purpose was to end war
  • UN's real intent was to prevent a repeat of a world war
  • UN charter is for human rights and freedom
  • … expressly ignoring the terms and conditions (laws) under which such freedoms can be effectuated
  • UNSC, like Treaty of Versailles after WW-I, is a victor-takes-the-spoils treaty
Clearly the UN has fared admirably in its real intentions:
  • World war has been obviated while the rich nations continue to get richer by exploiting and killing the poor
  • Bullshit like the UN charter and UDHR are widely cited and quoted and the fact that everyone is bullshitting is fine by everyone
  • Everyone talks of the equality and freedom of all humans even though in real terms a sub-saharan African has less value than the beef in an American refrigerator
Evil of Hitler, inflaming people, using common suffering of World War 1
Real reason of failure is the law:If we try to unite we only divide, we need to see Unity
How was the United Nations constituted? At the end of World War 1 those who won the war joined up to make the League of Nations. World War 2 is a consequence or a proof that the League of Nations failed and this is expected because it was made by only one half of the world who won the war. Likewise the United Nations was constituted by the allies who won the war but they cast it in the name of ideology democracy positions trying to hide the fact that the UN was the child of those who won the war.
UN's universal 'declaration of human rights' is really secular rendition of Judeo-Christian tradition ∴ not universal

Not against but for

can succeed[TODO]

UN charter, UDHR

in their foundation emphasize rights over laws
  • ◉ Rights mean freedoms
  • ◉ Laws mean bondages/restrictions
  • ✓ From ever men have dreamed of utopias of unrestricted freedoms which from ever have not been achieved because unrestricted freedom existing on this planet is as implausible as vacuum or zero-gravity… ie. it is un-law-ful
  • ▶ Laws must ever win over rights
  • True individuality is to voluntarily put oneself under a law [Jeanne de Salzmann]
    is generally regarded as the hallmark of a religious (some may prefer spiritual) existence.
    Because it moves from a (seeming) choice of man-made law (guru/religion/monastery/etc) to a natural law — the law of one’s being
    Therefore it is also the possibility of hope for this planet

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