Friday, May 12, 2017

UN — Whats right and whats Wrong

If there is one factor about the homo sapien species that over-shadows all others, it is war.

War we must understand in the wider sense and not just the classical ones (with bayonets!) that are quite unfashionable today but civil wars, insurgencies, terrorism and all sorts of large scale violence, oppression, occupation etc

And if it is true that war is an unwarranted and unmitigated terror, then the UN which was constituted to  ensure that the likes of WWII would not ever repeat should be considered the pinnacle of human goodness and vision.

But has it even remotely succeeded in its laudable objective? Or have the goal posts (and bunkers) just shifted?

Trying to stop wars without trying to see why they occur is to confuse symptoms with disease.

War is a symptom not the disease

One of the main purposes of this blog is to explore what may be the causes behind war. This will be developed in further posts.

For a start, I want to say just this much:

There can be no effective medical practice if the entire focus is on curative measures alone and neglects the diagnosis of a disease. To be able to discern  idiopathic disease from motley symptoms constitutes the training of a good doctor.
Likewise, if war is the Effect of Causes that are very far from the battlegrounds, then all attempts to deal exclusively with the symptoms and not the underlying are doomed in their inception.

Attempts like the UN, the League of Nations and other before them, no matter how grand and noble, have been attempts at symptomatic suppression while avoiding the search for causes.
If we wish for this cancer of the homosapien species to not have a terminal denouement, let us work so that the global challenges attempt of Mr Szombatfalvy:  
  • concentrates as much on finding the causes
  • as on formulating cures for the same
As a start, try to see this without taking a side
[equivalently seeing that both have a deep validity]

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