Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Our One Earth — Introduction

The Global Challenges Foundation has put out a request for a vision for the shape of a new world — also called UN 2.0!

It asked on its Facebook Page why individuals are participating.
This is what we posted

Aeons of time have come and gone on this planet
And in that time billions of individual humans have flourished and vanished
And the one factor common in all these ages to all these billions:
The supreme Love for oneself
Combined with the fear of ultimately inevitably non-existing

These beings (we beings!!) have ever striven to understand what it means to be an individual on this planet. And in the little time we each have, we try to work out a becoming collective existence that is worthy of this personal understanding.

Different aggregations such as races, religions, sciences, philosophies, communities, nations have arisen as the materialization of this universal-manifesting-through-individual energy

And among these aeons that have gone before us, we are now at a very peculiar, a very special moment

A crossroads…

To take a leap in this individual understanding and collective existence
Destroy within our own lifetimes billions of years of painstaking evolution

One peculiar thing is noticeable to all these collectivities and groupings :
A group is formed from the nascent Uniting Intelligence that its members seek to crystallize.
And yet, invariably with the passage of time as the intelligence becomes more detailed, more explicit, it hardens, ossifies… And is ultimately replaced by Dividing Walls whose hardness and exclusivity is inversely proportional to the Life it once sought to protect and nurture.

This vast knowledge that we humans have accumulated over generations can…
Either divide us by ownership
Or unite us in understanding

What would it take to turn round from this dark world of hate-ful divisions back to the unifying intelligence from where we sprang?

Can we collectively explore this?
Mr. Szombatfalvy has given us a benediction:

A force by which 11,000 ppl out of 7 billion on this planet are putting aside their isolated separateness and pooling their intelligence and their Wish towards forming a new shape for our beloved Earth

Dare we hope that this darkness in which our dear earth finds herself will be overcome by our collective efforts?

Maybe we could go a step further and conjecture: The earth is an ailing living Being. And 11 thousand out of 7 billion cells of that Larger Being are here coming forward for regeneration!

Today,  10 May 2017, is, as it happens, Buddha Purnima [Birthday of Buddha]
May the enlightened intelligence he represents be with us all!

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