Thursday, September 7, 2017

From Science OR Spirituality to Science AND Spirituality

Take the understanding of the East and the knowledge of the West and then seek.
George Gurdjieff
At the risk of a somewhat over-simplified equation, lets say West=Science; East=Spirituality

Science requires

  1. Science is trans-cultural, trans-national, trans-religious
  2. Science requires verifiability — because Einstein said so doesn't make it true, unless I can independently verify the statement
  3. Science is not finished product, but an ongoing project and celebration
  4. Based on laws not dogmas

Spiritual mindset

  1. The universe is a manifestation and is top-down not bottom-up (as science mandates) “Consciousness takes a body, not a mass of slimy atoms suddenly magically experiences consciousness”
  2. Many levels of reality everything cannot be figured out at our level
  3. Search in spirituality is for objective reality – Kant – science cannot be fully objective because we are never free from our perceptions.
    Reality/Truth/Spirituality/God wishes for being So objective, subject (mind) is completely out of the way
  4. Intelligent Open-minded Courage: Dammit if it (change/death) is unknown how can it cause fear? Problem is not fear of unknown but attachment to the known (status quo).
    J Krishnamurti
    Socrates at the mourning following his death-sentence said something similar: You cry for me because you think you know what happens. Since I know I dont know I have no fear!


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