Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Racism Sexism OtherIsm

Nowadays its fashionable to claim that racism, sexism etc are improper… even criminal. In the interest of simplicity and clarity I will club together all these burgeoning dozens and hundreds of isms into ‘tribalism’ — considering one's own higher, better more lovable than ‘the other.’
And show that it is dishonest and nonsensical to try to free humans from this instinct.
But first…


The history of our species is replete (hi)stories of evil. And of these some of the worst are those done with the best intentions, eg


which enforced an asexual life. Now that enforcement gets maximum press, neglecting the puritans' belief in it as a reasonable/natural goal. [Sure they may use other language such as Will-of-God… Doesnt change the fact that they believed this was possible.]
What if today's shrill cries against tribalism — usually in its more specific forms such as racism, sexism etc — are as nonsensical as the puritans wish and intent to exist asexually?



Tribalism while not always inevitable
Obviously the opposite cannot be the norm!

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