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Gurdjieff's elucidations on Our One World

Beelzebub's tales by G.I. Gurdjieff has a number of detailed suggestions and cautions on how to go about making something like UN more of a success
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1 Ashiata Shiemash

  • BPD (like all sacred individuals) increases being-value
  • But also raising being-value reduces fecundity
in context of two contradictory requirements:
  • population should not grow
  • 1/6 of population in dying stage — Needs to be stopped any which how

2 Dual need

  • for my puny place in a large world
  • Unique significance of my individual existence

3 Arch Preposterous

4 Red copper

  • Cathodnatious increase = increased psychosis
  • cathodnatious increase results in involution
  • what is the difference between red copper and conscience causing hiding of visibility?

5 Second sojourn

  • Difference in paradigm from Looisos to Abdil
  • Contradiction: We are one Life with animals and we are special in God having special Hope in us. The Hope is in proportion to knowing that we are not special…

6 A wish

We would like to express here a wish to the judges
  • That his contribution be judged for its NON originality; ie if there are ideas here that are truly original, let that originality get negative points
  • And if these ideas/contributions are not found worthy to be recognized on their own, but they could improve the more suitable worthy ones, that improvement is undertaken without restraint

7 Inner Outer Table

Outer Problem Inner Solution
Patriotism Patriarchality
Identity politics Struggle with identification
Unreality of countries Reality of Continents
(political map) (physical map)
Racism (Communalism) Recognition of Tribalism
Caste system Varna dharma
For Patriarchality see Marilyn Monroe

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